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Seattle Tile Showroom

Place your order through the Seattle Tile Company showroom if you are in a hurry to receive your tile, would like extra assistance from our designers, or would like to pick up your order from the showroom location. Utilize seattletiledirect.com for the best discounts.

The showroom is designed to be well organized and easy to navigate with knowledgeable and helpful showroom staff that make choosing the right tile an enjoyable experience. Services offered include tile selection, sample checkout with a deposit, and paid showroom design and quantity calculation appointments.


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It's a facet that the tile industry uses well, and many increasingly interesting options are being thought up. Visit our Shapes collection for all your hexagons, arabesques, chevrons, and any others the tile world can dream up.

Imperfect Beauty

Visit the Handmade products for when you have a vision that you're ready to bring to life. Handmade tiles are perfect in their imperfection- the irregular edges, varying glazes, and huge range of sizes lend character to any space. Choose from made-to-order tiles or those manufactured to look handmade.

Wood-Look Tile

Thought up for those who want to beauty of hardwood in spaces where the real thing would warp (think bathrooms and kitchen floors by the sink), porcelain wood-look tiles are all over the market. Standard planks, distressed looks, cross-cut: we've got it all.