Adapting to the times we are offering 3 great options:

  1. Visit our online store where you can find a huge selection available for local warehouse pick up or direct shipping, all at a great price!
  2. Free 15-minute online consultation to narrow down your options and get helpful advice from one of our designers. Additional services such as quantity calculation and drawings at our normal design rate of $35/half hour, $60/hour.
  3. Limited showroom visits available via our online calendar. 

We are here to help you create the perfect space. Book using the link below.

Precautions for in-store appointments:

  1. Maximum of two parties at a time, maximum of 2 people in the party.
  2. All persons in the party must be listed along with contact information.
  3. All parties must wear their own mask, wash hands upon entering and put on provided gloves for the duration of their visit.
  4. Observe safe social distancing of 6 feet with staff or anyone not in your party.
  5. Any person entering must not feel ill or have a fever.