Pietra Art Pebble Mosaic- Piece

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Yellow Stone FTIP-R
Black Pearl FTIP-R
White Snowball FTIP-R
Mixed Salad FTIP-R
Cotton FTIP-F
Black Pearl FTIP-F
White Snowball FTIP-F
Mixed Salad FTIP-F
Redwood FTIP-F

Total price: $11.37

The smooth natural stones are offered in both round and flat surfaces in a 12x12 sheet size and perfectly suitable for floor and wall installations.

Some sizes and colors may be stocked locally. Out of town material is shipped to Florida Tile in Renton, WA usually with a 1-3 week lead time. Request a stock check before ordering. We cannot offer pick up at any of our other vendors. Lead time estimates never guaranteed.
Showroom code: 06PAP
This is a natural stone product. There is inherent variation piece to piece and lot to lot. Natural stones are porous to varying degrees, and while some are highly resistant to staining and scratching they are all subject to both. Sealing and cleaning with the proper materials are necessary to maintaining the integrity of natural stone.

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Usage and Specific Information

Variants: Round Mosaic Yellow Stone, Round Mosaic Black Pearl, Round Mosaic White Snowball, Round Mosaic Mixed Salad, Flat Mosaic Cotton, Flat Mosaic Black Pearl, Flat Mosaic White Snowball, Flat Mosaic Mixed Salad, Flat Mosaic Redwood

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